Artist's statement, english:
A  project based on an experiment of mapping a first-world citizen’s everyday life by using a phone camera to catch each and every entering of an interior space. A photo is taken through the window pane with flash on, so accenting the glass/membrane itself. Every photo is attached with a specific time of entering respectively comming out of an interior. Our lifes are are spent mainly inside of buldings/cars/trains/plains… A book including the photographs, ideas and the time data is fixeed to an object made of soil and a glass plate. The recipient is offered to crowl dawn, chill, rest, or even meditate. It's almost like a prayer.
key words:
#window #photography #membrane #diary  #installation

The work was made as a comission for the "Fresh Eggs" exhibition in 2013 at Industra, Brno. The show was curated by Jakub Konvica and Michal Trávníček. Other artist involved: Juraj Gábor, Ján Adamove, Peter Kollár, Martin Malachovský.

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