Kapitola. Pohodenník (Pohoda Daily) is a special festival newspaper, created by the daily paper Denník N for Pohoda music festival, which takes place in Trenčín, Slovakia, each year in the beginning of the summer. We were adressed to create the literary attachment of this year's daily paper including the programme of the literary tent, one of the main off programs of the festival. The visitors were able to find short stories, rap track lyrics, poetry or illustrations along the timetable of the tent. We are thankful to the Literarnyklub.sk, Bratislava, which invited us to this inspiring cooperation.
Redactor: Ferči Malík, Tomáš Hučko
Corector: Zuzana Ferusová
Art Direction: Dávid Koronczi and Martina Szabóová
Graphic Design: Dávid Koronczi
Photography: Dávid Koronczi and Martina Szabóová
Created for: Literárny klub.sk, Bratislava, Slovakia

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