Nu Dance Fest 2017 Bratislava

+ is an international festival for contemporary dance, estabilished in 2006, primally focused on slovak choreographs
+ purpose is to provide the latest trends in contemporary dancing and physical theater, inter-genre performances, conceptually high-quality work with an opinion
+ tries to present unverified artistic approach and is ambitious to introduce asn many premieres and works created last season by slovak creators, so that it can be a potential slovak contemporary dance platform
+ Main organizer is Asociácia súčasného tanca /Contemporary dance assosiacion/

Nu Dance Fest 2017

+ came in unusually terms, in April, half year earlier, than 11 times before
+ 12th year brings up 12 shows, where more than 30 artists from 9 European and US countries attended
+ besides the main line up, two workshops and  a projection of the movie Mr. Gaga, takes place during the festival

Visual and graphics:
+ Art Direction: Dávid Koronczi
+ Idea and concept: Dávid Koronczi, Martina Szabóová and Romvn Mikláš
+ Graphic Design: Dávid Koronczi and Romvn Mikláš
+ Web Design: Roman Mikláš
+ Animation: Juraj Mydla
+ Video: Adam Hanuljak

Thank you for dancing down the screen_

+ Concept: Petra Fornayová
+ Dramaurgy: Petra Fornayová / Honza Malík
+ Technical direction: Slavomír Šmalík
+ Production: Martina Kotláriková
+ PR: František Malík

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