„TIMRAVA v podaní Dany Podrackej“ (TIMRAVA compiled by Dana Podracká) - A book compiled of thoughts and exctractions from the literature and correspondence of Božena Slančíková TIMRAVA (1867, Políchno, Slovakia — 1951, Lučenec, Slovakia), one of the most influential woman novelists in 20th century, modernist slovak literature. Dana Podracká, poet and editor, created a special, contemporary image of TIMRAVA, satirically self-claimed as the “Old virgin of wild ideas”. The final appropriated text is a confession of TIMRAVA’s never-realy-existed alter-ego, presenting us her image of a strong, humorous woman with critical way of narrative portraying of the society, politics and nationalities,… in a new, slightly post-modern point of view.
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Author: Dana Podracká
Editor: Miroslava Vallová
Redactor: Margita Bíziková
Art Direction: Dávid Koronczi and Martina Szabóová
Graphic Design: Dávid Koronczi
Print: Dolis Bratislava, Slovakia
Photography: Dávid Koronczi and Martina Szabóová
Client: Literárne informačné centrum, Bratislava, Slovakia

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